.​.​. atop a starlit canopy

by Art of Verse

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Jaufret Schmitt
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Jaufret Schmitt First discovered your music through this album (and specifically this track) really like your style! Keep up the sick flow! Love from France! Getting my friends to listen as well!! Favorite track: Y... i, M..
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AllABoutMusic A hopeless romantic, nuff said Favorite track: Marvel at the Stars.
Nathan Ivanowsky
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Nathan Ivanowsky Truly Art of Verse, sounds like poems you might read in famous books. He stands out from the hip-hop I possess with his vocabulary and themes of love. Favorite track: Pondered Type Love.
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released May 4, 2010



all rights reserved


Art of Verse Ketchikan, Alaska

Born in the Philippines, raised in Alaska, and studied in Seattle; Art of Verse wields love and passion through Hip Hop to raise consciousness and build awareness towards the plights of his Motherland.


dope background of my hometown by the homie, A. Ortiz.
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Track Name: Body Rawk
Body Rock

Verse 1:
Educated by Blue Scholars and supports the Common Market
Lover of the Elements, let my eloquence bomb and spark it
She was about the Love and the positive vibes
Progression holds the essence where my prerogative lies
I stride with focus, concentrated beyond the fool’s work
So I give respects and props to Grandfather DJ Kool Herc
I search for peacefulness without a disaster’s trace
So I factor the chaptered ‘pattering’ shattering like a Masta Ace
I have to chase this feeling, down through my arteries
To spark the star degrees to start the shining harmony that churns
My Soul Brother, the grains of the season fits
To this love brewing because she’s the Main Ingredient
You see well, like C. L., she was quite Smooth
I grooved to her vibrations that released the Soul Movement
Tunes bent as the Black Moon sent the facts
As she carried De La Soul and Wu Tang wax in her backpack

Verse 2:

Behold her Blueprints, as they carry through the Atmosphere
Some people thought she left but it’s clear that the magic is here
Distinguished from the image of those lost and pillaged
For Hip Hop exists in a Native Tongue Slum Village
Its finish, lies hidden from those willingly blinded
For we keep our heads high as we stay Criminal Minded
She chants, fierce war poems at the top of her lungs
Prepared to defend freedom creatively strapped with Native Guns
Busting holes into the night sky til it bleeds the sunlight
Greeting revolution rock a KRS ONE mic
As we tear down the walls to uneasiness may we,
Find that there is a Light that shines special for Jay Dee
But is it crazy that maybe we cast Shadows on the Sun
While People Under the Stairs stay rattling across the drums
Keep marching forward the motion is very beautiful
Microphone Fiend Queen, indubitably musical

Verse 3:

It’s amazing the way that she Rocks the Aesop
Her motion is passed the place where Grace stops
With steady expansion beyond beauty’s philosophy
Reflecting Eternally with a Talib Kweli-ty
My Resurrection, I now firmly hold a Common Sense
To this Love that shines like a Black Star with Mos Def-inite sentiments
Her excellence measured with warm cultural light beams
So I bask in her sunshine even in my night dreams
But it might seem that my flight streams along the consciousness
She gave me an open mind so that I could accomplish bliss
Conjured this in graffiti so that she could truly hear me
For I Quest like a Tribe to provide a Low End Theory
She keeps it moving, Soul & Body groovin’ to the truth
My mind manifests a Black Thought nestled in the Roots
I shoot stars with my pen strokes as the bars hit reality
She’s the Art of my Verse atop a starlit canopy
Track Name: Y... i, M.
Verse One::
The breeze feels warm as it wraps itself around me
Galaxy grooves above to further astound me
Surround me with your arms, envelop me my highness
Your embrace encompasses heaven, developing divine bliss!
I find it's a duller shade, that's faded by the miles
Isles and masses between us leave me dreaming of your smile
For it's beyond me the way you break reality's seams
Being as beautiful as you are inside my fantasy's dreams
The canopy teems electric, with liquid starlight
Providing guided luminosity for the hard fight
Though it be long distance, still clear in my Heart's Sight
For I will see you again in either near or far heights
Impossible to explain what you do to me
Welcome the pressure of the feeling overflowing fluidly
To new degrees as I feel my Heart's Warmth Rise
Much ado about the Love even the Truth doth recognize

I feel the breeze (Pressing like a long distant whisper)
As if many moons and suns (have gone since I have kissed her)
I walk with a trudge (thrusting my gaze towards the skies)
Noting that the twinkle of the stars (resembled the shine in her eyes)
Now I'mah walk to the galaxy's end (Where reality's lines blur)
Riding Wild Shooting stars (until the moment that I find her)
Finally again (draped in the curtain of lunar lightbeams)
But it appears that she exists merely in my scenic nightdreams

Verse Two::
As if you, walked on clouds levitated by doves
Mended my broken heart and resurrected my love
Tugged upon my Heart strings to magnify this view
Of my vision listen to my Soul express I miss you
The way tired weary eyes seek sanctuary and solace
For your radiance is beyond the Helious Summer solstice
I wrote this as I focused on the last past two weeks
That are now moments I hold dear that I crash into when I seek
Comfort and rest - my lungs work to express
The freshness of your beauty but I'm left with little breath
So I breathe deep, inhaling you to max capacity
Exhaling Love for my missing half in actuality
Disasters be your absence in any occurring sphere
So I call to the Incubus as I WISH YOU WERE HERE
Sharing with you Peace never in devious positions
For I miss you simply put within this Aqueous Transmission


Verse Three:
Awaking with you in my arms, Gives me Warm Bliss
To know that such a feeling on Earth is born to exist
Oh how I miss the way we fit and how I would hold you
As if our spirits intertwined as well as our Souls too
Like canvas beneath the paint or like paper and pen
Rather like beats over rhymes, amazing the way we blend
Together like a twinkle and the stars throughout Outer Space
Knowing you share the same feelings sends me to a place
Of Utopian measure it's an explosion of pleasure
I'm in between dreams cause it's better when we're together
For anyone can connect, I'm searching for something strong
For no matter the distance, nothing'll sever the bond
Of our, Heart's connection which embarks in a direction
So my Love can learn the language to articulate affection
Astounded by the way we're consumed by the kiss of one
Leaves us longing for each other like the Moon misses the Sun....