SunKissedJungleFloor EP

by Art of Verse

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Some tunes to vibe to if you happen to find yourself relaxing.... on a jungle floor.... with the sun shining on yah skin.

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released June 28, 2012



all rights reserved


Art of Verse Ketchikan, Alaska

Born in the Philippines, raised in Alaska, and studied in Seattle; Art of Verse wields love and passion through Hip Hop to raise consciousness and build awareness towards the plights of his Motherland.


dope background of my hometown by the homie, A. Ortiz.
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Track Name: What Will You?
“What Will You” decide to do if I give you all of my Love?
Will you be faithful, grateful, caring, and all of the above
Not mentioned-- thoughts blend in with the Sun
Cause the grace radiates with the friendship of one another
“What Will You” happen to discover if I share with you my Heart
Could the realness of the feeling cause sincerity to spark
A new flame cause the true aim is found with Cupid!
For my heart strings play a tune that is bound with the music!
“What Will You” find if I share with you my deepest secrets
There are parts of my heart that speak for you to keep it!
Magically – cause actually, just keep the whole thing
Your beauty moves me groovy, you make my soul sing!

To the, to the, to the tops of the trees!
Your steeze is refreshing like an Alaskan Summer Breeze...

“What Will You” think if I link up with Mary Jane
Cause scenery without greenery is often very plain
And honestly, I like to get space shuttle lifted!
The astronaut with astro pot, thoughts double shifted
“What Will You” conclude if I'm steady joint tokin'
Cause the stress pressurizes heavy points broken
So I'm floating on a smoke cloud to gather myself
I humbly disagree that it is bad for your health,
“What Will You” believe if the weed is too sticky,
Cause just like the music, I love it when it hits me!
Shifts me to the plane where tranquility fleets!
As if fate gave the escape for the Imagery to speak!

“What Will You” imagine to happen
Because my soul satisfaction is rapping about my passion!
I'm crashing into beats to break hesitation
Cause its this Hip Hop music that moves my elevation
“What Will You” bring to our meeting upon the Clouds!
I'd like to take you to a place where only Dawn is allowed!
Cause I've been endowed with perseverance to discover a path
To blossom a love that requires another half!
“What Will You” Ponder if I dare to pose a question,
To find the solution to the growth of my affection,
For the directions I have taken leave me slightly lost--
Cause Love means heartbreak might be the cost...
Track Name: Rebel!
(I'm a) MANDIRIGMA! Galing sa Pilipinas!
The Roots are the proof that nothing can get between us
Dreams entrusted fully with belief!
(See the Morning Sun) as it rises in the East,
We striding with each step, Para Sa Bayan!
Mabuhay Katipunan!
Hanggang Kamatayan!
We tired of relying on the shit that doesn't work
This is for the folks in the struggle and the hurt--
(I'm a) Proletariat whose Heritage is carried in
TheBloodSweat&TearySacrifice we were buried in!
Inheriting the grace of 1896
To chase dreams in spite of tricks
That try to curse my view!
Traversing thru the bullshit
With the help of my crew!
We smoking trees (I've got work to do!)
Solidarity since the time of Magellan,
Pilipinas! My rhyme is the rebellion!

(I'm a Rebel) Tryna taste equality
As they keep our country hungry in poverty!
(Soul Rebel) Excuse me while I light my spliff,
Thanks and praises so raise a mighty fist!
(I'm a capturah) For those that have suffered
The system is corrupt, it's time to restructure!
(Soul Adventurah!) We can All Eat!
The day that Babylon all meets defeat!

(I'm a) part of a movement that is bigger than me,
Freedom with Equality, definitively!
Cause I'm living to be
A Student of the Trueness--
(I'm a Living Man) standing amidst abuses,
Ruthless crimes committed against the people
We look passed the lies they've presented as equal!
Endless sequels, fucking colonies, and war
And they still consider slavery an occupation for the poor
(I'm a) Buffalo Soldier,
With the muscles of your shoulders!
Their oppression is not a forgotten period,
The time is NOW to flip the bottom of the pyramid! //
Rocking it delirious – searching my views
Judge I, Judge not – (I've got work to do!)
This is for all varieties of the masses,
Laging lumalaban til society is classless!
Track Name: FurtherDown [TheRiverPiedra]
Track Name: YouKnowHowToMakeMe
Unity is the word to beautifully describe
The warmth born from the Passion found inside
The L-O-V-E, developed so easy
From the world’s despair, HER flow frees me
Along clouds beneath the Sunshine, combining one rhyme to the next
Connection’s expressed
Emotions grow to the size of the universe
Heart’s Garden swooning to bloom & burst
My bright light source in times of darkness
Amazing inspiration that made me an artist
I chart this to map the sensation
Exploring HER is the most wonderful elevation
Elevated beyond Pinatubo – Olympus Mons
The energy of my galaxy – my blissful dawn
Extending her glow with every precious breath
But my heart chuckles cause I haven’t met her yet

Severin’ the burden as I make the letters certain
Unfolding soul on scrolls to be a better person
Efforts are churning busy like vats of butter
So it’s smooth when we’re grooving, stacking discoveries
Underneath beach trees watching the ocean
Parachute in the sky – She’s got me open
Broken before, but she’s my clever medicine
Digging HER steeze makes me wanna be a gentleman
Expressing languages pulsing in my chest
So I speak from the heart departing from the stress
Architecture blessed text so fantastic
Silkier than the Milky Way – so Galactic
Even if I had to “battle stars” so all would know
The Queen beaming the scenery with a Hood Glow
But what’s really good though, HER essence is DEF
Tumawa ang puso ko cause I haven’t met HER yet

Choreezy - “Feel alive with the vibes defined as DIVINE; cause lovin’
you is like listening to Hip Hop for the very first time!”


The daze reveal a cold world
I'm Tryna understand your stanzas just to feel your Soul, Girl!
If Love is a Place, would you be my whole world?
I focus on your lotus – watch your glow unfurl!
Composing a pearl, exposing my shell
It's madness cause your absence is like being frozen in hell!
Supposing I could tell the dwelling of your Origin
Nirvana wandering cause I got lost exploring sin!
More Cinematic – Pardon the art graphics
Cause I once knew the Magic that was so so Enchanting!
Overdosing on romance with no chance to grow
If Love is an Ocean, can I examine your flow?
Expanding a prose, finding ways to float!
Fuck being broken-hearted, I align my days with Hope!
Coasting emotions is where I'm constantly found in--
Still learning how to swim so I'm probably drowning!
Track Name: SmAxe
Verse 1:
I was born in Manila! Rest in Peace to DILLA!
Each Piece I complete is fulfilling a dream
Building a team, tryna unfuck the Earth
Pouring my soul on scrolls any time I bust a verse/
1990 - my fam immigrated
Smoking Marijuana's when my soul innovated,
Soul Liberated – illustrating a Truth
Been chasing my vision since I was breaking in my youth/
Retracing my roots, gaining some scope
Salamat sa mga Kasamas that taught me to remain dope
Change and Growth are part of my repertoire
I destroy mics and rip apart XLR's/
The Art Emperah – Sun-Spark Temperature
Dodging hella frauds, eloquent and raw
Development of law only maintains the status
Time to rearrange the mainframe for the masses!

Verse 2:
Salamat to Miketron for letting me crash on the couch
Pag-Asa para sa atin is the passion we about
Breathing devout on uneven routes
I'm self conscious enough, so you can keep your doubts
Sige nga pare, We've got a country to save
The corruption functions to keep the hungry enslaved
Cause monkeys are paid to harass and intimidate
Instead of serve and protect – so what's really fake?
Start back&forth [Facilitating the debilitation of the nation
Pyramid gets bigger with every hesitation of
Our people – powders, needles, and foiled aluminum
Nothing is sacred cause the hatred is consuming them
Abusing the soil my lineage toiled to shape
Now we desensitized to turmoil and hate] End back&forth
As vermin spoil the Great Motherland
We are the small axe to chop you down where you stand